Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dorky Dates: Fireworks

    While the Fourth of July has passed us, it's never too late or too early to consider a date to see the fireworks. And there's always next year or New Years or whenever a fireworks show is displayed in your area. And nothing compares to seeing fireworks IRL. I look forward to it every year. I love the boom, the feel, the look, the sparkle. It sings out to some primal part of my soul and just boosts my contentment. And do you know who else was happy?
This guy. Look at that face.

This date can range in price from free to a few dollars for the price of admission, depending on where you watch it from. There's also a possible cost in supplies if you want to take a picnic or need other things like chairs. Ask around to see who goes to this event and where they like to watch the fireworks from. Ray and I like to park at the local high school and watch the fireworks from their front lawn. There's usually a nice crowd of folks doing the same thing. Or you may be able to watch them from your own yard.

Where to Find Fireworks
Fireworks are usually advertised in the local newspaper, as well as on the local radio station and on your town's website or Facebook page. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather, though. Storms can be a big problem, and fireworks may be postponed to a clearer night.

Who Would Enjoy It
This can be fun for a couple, a group of friends, or even the whole family. We go with my mom every year. We even bring the kids along, and since we watch it from a field, they can run and play with other kids.

What You May Need
If you plan to see the fireworks from a stadium, you may want to take your own stadium seats to be more comfortable. Fireworks usually don't last long, but you want to get there early to get a good seat. If you plan to see them from a field, you may want to take along folding chairs or a picnic blanket. We often take a quilt that we put on top of the picnic blanket for extra comfort and to keep the quilt clean and dry. Bug spray and allergy meds may also be in order. If you get there over an hour before the event, and you are not in a stadium setting, you may also want to take snacks, drinks, or a picnic. Warning: Take into consideration the bathroom situation. While we are really near a school, it is not open to the public, so we tend to moderate our liquid intake. Nothing can ruin a night of watching fireworks faster than wishing you could find a potty. Additional Warning: Don't bring your pets. Animals don't understand fireworks and act as if the whole world was ending. Keep them safely at home. More pets go missing during times of celebratory fireworks for this very reason, so make sure you secure your pet at home and maybe do something special for them when you get back. Thanks Rob, for reminding me of this important point.